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Meet Your Hosts!


Lunatic Soup Podcast is dedicated to exploring the unexplained mysteries of the world. From supernatural encounters to alien abductions, cryptids to hauntings, we cover it all. Join us as we delve into the unknown and attempt to unravel the secrets of the universe.

Hello Everyone! We are Meg and Reyna, co-hosts of the podcast: Lunatic Soup! In this podcast we will go into all things wild, weird and unknown. From ghosts to monsters, cryptids to hauntings, and dive into some spirituality along the way!  Meg and Reyna met in 2018 when two of their kids were in the same class. Fast forward to 2022 when they connected at Mr. Boo Boo’s (Reyna’s husband Tex) 40th birthday party our friendship blossomed. Realizing we both had medium abilities, witches in our lineage and a love of the supernatural we became close fast. We both had always wanted to do a podcast but never had the right timing, so when day when enjoying we realized we both wanted to do one and that is how this wild ride started!  Every Thursday we drop a new episode where we uncover the mysterious, strange and spooky things that are hidden all around us. So pour a glass of Lunatic Soup and join us every week to talk about all things weird and laugh along the way.

Meet Meg

Raised in New England, Meg grew up fascinated with legends and lore.  Always reading about the Salam Witch trials (and finding out she married an ancestor of the infamous Putnam family), and growing up to embrace her spiritual beliefs and witchiness, Meg dreamed of finding a way to combine those stories and experiences with her love of education and storytelling.  Meg has a graduate degree in Education and has worked within the field for a decade.  This experience and love for the more unconventional way of life and the macabre propelled her to start this podcast with Reyna to be able to share spooky stories and all things wild and witchy with others- and have more excuses for Lunatic Soup friend nights !


When not teaching or researching topics, Meg is busy raising four daughters in the Pacific Northwest.  She spends any free time she has reading, running, hiking or working in her garden.  Her home currently includes her, her husband, four kids, one fish, one gecko, a dog and a kitten named Ichabod Crane🤍

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Meet Reyna

Reyna grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has traveled the world.  Having supernatural experiences since she was young, Reyna has always wanted to explore the more spiritual side which she has kept at bay most of her adult life. Eventually, she explored witchcraft and practiced spiritualism, and decided to live life by the cycles of the moon, crystals and manifestation.  Combining her love of all things unexplained, with her artistic talents, she wanted to start a podcast, so when she met Meg and their interests aligned, they decided share these experiences with others.  


After graduating from Arizona State, she married her Australian love and moved to the other side of the world.  While living in Australia she had two beautiful daughters and started a successful photography business. Missing home, Reyna moved her family back to the PNW where she had her third daughter and continued to grow her business. When she isn't busy being a mom, photographing weddings or editing episodes, she enjoys shopping, brunching and enjoying a glass of champagne (or maybe a little Lunatic Soup!).

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